5 Follow Up Call Tips to Potential Buyers

So you’ve done everything right and the property you’re selling, it is your desire to get the attention you have always dreamt the property would get. Business is good. Customers are interested. But how do you seal the deal and transform your interested customers into actual buyers? Following up to potential buyers of real estate entail great risk. In this article, we will discuss on some tips, dos and don’ts when making a follow up call.

1. Call. It is very important to actually pick up that phone and give your customer a call. Real estate is quite tricky. It is all about location, but it is all about timing too. If you wait too long, the potential buyer or leaser will move on to a new property. So one really needs to be proactive and make sure that time is not wasted in contacting a potential buyer. If you really want to get your property sold or leased, you really can’t wait too long to call a buyer back. Also, there are times that buyers are few and in between. This is especially true in real estate. So you’ve got to really make the effort in closing the deal by calling back a potential buyer. Of course, you need to perfectly time the call. Business hours are acceptable. If this was not followed, a simple text in the evening that you are calling in the morning will do. This is so that you can talk to your customer in his optimum state, and not when he is in his jammies.

2. E-mail. This is now quite acceptable as a formal means of communication and as a response to a potential buyer for real estate. If you were not able to call, e-mailing is a really fast and convenient way of contacting your customer and letting him know that you are open to conducting business with him. But you’ve got to phrase your words right and you really need to get your ideas across without it sounding like a chat box. This is where business writing skills kick in. But don’t fret, your response does not need to be lengthy. Just a few words is needed for your potential buyer to understand what it is you are trying to tell him. For e-mails such as this, you’ve got to just say that you are glad that you are that the potential customer has expressed an interest in the property you are selling or leasing. Then you give some details about the property such as how big it is in area size, how many bedrooms and bathrooms. Avoid giving an estimate price of how much the property is. Save that for the clincher when the customer seems to be really interested. Finally, in your e-mail, assure the customer that you will call him personally. This is very important. Nothing really seals the deal like a personal phone call.

3. Use Social Media. In our tech savvy world, it is now acceptable to PM or tweet a potential buyer in response to his intentions of buying or leasing your property. Although this is not social-media33the best choice of action, some people find this convenient and use it anyway. Again, just make sure that you phrase the words correctly. You don’t want to appear as if your are not a capable business person thus striking doubt and fear into the heart of the buyer, which ultimately might scare him away.

4. Refer to the right person. If you have hired someone to handle the sale of your real estate make sure that you connect your potential buyer to your agent or broker. You don’t want to quote the wrong price to your potential customer. And this is exactly why you hired a broker in the first place, so that you don’t have to worry about things such as this. Let them handle things. They are more than capable to selling your property for you. They’re the professionals after all.

5. Use a combination of two, or 3 or all 4. If you really want to seal the deal and make your potential customer an actual buyer, then why not try a combination of two or3 or all 4 of the follow up call tips? This shows your potential buyer that you are indeed serious and that you mean business. It also shows that you are willing to do anything to get this property sold.

It is really easy to get real estate sold as long as you are willing to work for it and show your customers that your property is worth it. Calling, texting, e-mailing, tweeting, pm-ing, talking to your agent, or a combination of these, are just some steps to actually close the deal. These are necessary steps so that your potential buyer is not longer just a potential buyer, but is an ACTUAL buyer.

Author Bio: +Lara Seers is a real estate agent for properties in Queensland. She presents buyers with several options and describes each property in full detail to make it easier for them to make the best choice.

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