Rightmove takes Lloyds advertising money

According to the EAT Rightmove say that their customers want ads. I am sorry, but since when does any online customer actually ‘want’ to see an ad?! A term exists; ‘banner blindness’ which means many users have become so used to ads they just don’t see them. I think if you asked all online entrepreneurs the vast majority would say they would rather not have ads on their site, but the money is sometimes hard to ignore.

Why can’t Rightmove just be honest and say Lloyds (who are advertising on the Rightmove site) offered them a significant deal that was too good to turn down. Instead, they provide a weak ‘… statistics show that our customers would like to see …’ statement. Please show me these statistics that categorically say Rightmove customers want third party ads.

Moreover, Rightmove continues to miss opportunities to build relationships with their other customer base, their agents. Love them or hate them, Rightmove are top with almost every agent feeding stock into the rightmove machine. How does rightmove engage its agents customers? I think many would say it doesn’t, there is no ‘community’ of agents. On the contrary, most see the rightmove machine as a necessary evil. So why oh why isn’t rightmove trying to engage the hands that feed it? There are a myriad of advertising models that could be worked on with agent clients that provide ancillary services such as mortgages. And these are all local, so the advertising opportunities are endless.

Rightmove have taken the easy (greedy) option.

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