Guest Blog: Staying Put. Make the Most of Your Existing Property

The kids have all grown up and fled the nest, leaving your family home with one or more spare rooms. Instead of downsizing to a smaller property, make the most of the extra space and transform it into a fun, relaxing or practical room for you and your partner. Take a look at our suggestions for decorating your empty nest.

Home office

If you work from home or struggle to find the space to arrange day to day bills and paperwork, turn your newly acquired room into a home office. When creating a home office, especially in an old bedroom, it can be all too easy to go for a relaxing, cosy environment instead of one that will encourage work. To keep it comfortable yet functional, strike a balance between the two with colourful, decorative features and sleek, practical home study furniture.

Craft room

If you’ve been waiting a while to try out a new hobby, or perhaps you had to put it on hold when you started a family, now is the time to make room for your favourite pastime. Paint the walls with bright colours to boost your creativity and lift your mood, and hang a cork board on one side of the room for pinning lists, ideas or pictures that inspire you. If your hobby involves paint or other potentially messy materials, make sure your flooring is made of wood, tile or any other easy-to-clean surface.

Home cinema

Treat yourself to a room dedicated to home entertainment. A large flat screen TV and surround-sound speakers can provide great viewing, but there are several steps you can take for an enhanced cinematic experience. Firstly, paint the walls with dark colours and use dark reds or blues for all furniture as this will help to recreate a visit to the cinema, and help the TV to really stand out. Next, invest in some subtle, well positioned lighting and thick curtains to keep sound and daylight out


Motivating yourself to get fit will be all the easier if you have a gym upstairs. It’s not even necessary to spend a lot of money on several pieces of new equipment; invest in one item, such as a treadmill or exercise bike, and compliment your workout regime with some weights or a yoga mat.

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